Nexuiz - free download


Nexuiz is a first person shooter in the tradition of quake. You can create a server or join a server already in action. When I checked online, there are several active servers playing this game, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a game. A lot of work went into making this game a fun and balanced. If you have ever played quake then you have a good idea of what the gameplay in this game is like. The weapons, movement and action are inspired by quake and the game runs on an advanced Quake 1 engine. Once you are in the game, action is very fast paced and hectic like you would expect. Movement is fast and you must jump around and aim well to get as many kills as possible. The weapons come in a wide variety and are well balanced. The game comes with many different maps, not something you would expect from a freeware game. Although its no Half Life 2, the graphics quality is extremely good for a freeware game, considering its running on a modified Quake 1 engine. The textures are good high quality and the player and weapon models are fair. This game should run smoothly on most graphics cards. Overall, I think the game is definitely worth a look, especially if you like fast paced first person shooters. Don’t miss out on the mayhem.