Ore No Ryomi 2 - free download

Ore No Ryomi 2

This game offers an interesting mix of action and strategy elements that make for a unique experience. The graphics in this game are lackluster and probably won’t impress you, but the unique gameplay more the makes up for it. This game is the sequel to the original Ore No Ryomi, with many improvements and more features.

You are the owner of a restaurant who starts out with a little money. You can use your money to buy various items to add to your menu. Some of the foods you can include soft drinks, burgers, pizza and salad. Each of the different foods requires a different method of cooking. When a customer orders an item, you switch over to an action mini game where you must cook the food by performing the required sequence of keystrokes. For example if you wanted to serve up a soft drink you would scroll left or right until you picked the correct soft drink and press down until an indicator lets you know the drink is ready. Each of the foods has a varying difficulty of cooking and a varying selling price which usually correlates to the difficulty of cooking. When the restaurant is open customers will come in and you will have to take orders and serve their items as fast as you can. You will also have to sometimes wash dishes and dispose of trash which require different sequences of keystrokes. Sometimes you will be robbed and you must chase down the criminal in order to retrieve some money. After the restaurant closes for the day you can purchase menu items or upgrades for your restaurant. You can add a buffet to your restaurant to get additional money or add delivery service to your business. Overall an interesting game worth a try.