Neverwinter - free download


Neverwinter is a new MMORPG which is based on the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Neverwinter. It draws from its namesakes Neverwinter Nights. The combat in the game is more action based than most MMORPGs. You can block incoming attacks and maneuver around the battlefield while timing attacks for greatest effectiveness. The graphics are solid and for the most part the pay store items are not gamebreaking like many other MMOs.

It features five classes which fit the standard MMO archetypes. The tank class is a Guardian Fighter which is very durable fighter class which is focused on blocking and absorbing damage. The Trickster Rogue class is the melee DPS class which is focused on manuverability, stealth and dual wielding. The Great Weapon fighter is the heavy hitting melee class. There is also the Control Wizard is the DPS mage class and the Devoted Cleric class.