Wing Commander Saga

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The Wing Commander Saga (WCS) is a standalone total conversion based on the Wing Commander universe. 


It is a time of desperation and despair. Still reeling from the ghastly toll of the Battle of Terra, humanity finds itself pushed closer and closer to the brink of extinction at the hands and claws of the savage Kilrathi Empire. The Confederation is trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of defeats, and hope is slipping away. Already, the Kilrathi are makign their final preparations to finish off humanity once and for all.

The end it seems, is near.

In this setting, human drama is at its most extreme intensity. Hope, fear, desperation, courage, camaraderie and loss are part of the daily struggle for the people who refuse to stop fighting. Even in the face of seemingly inevitable defeat, this is humanity’s greatest struggle. Its defining moment. This is the Wing Commander Saga.


  • An all-new storyline set within the Wing Commander universe.
  • The first campaign, Darkest Dawn consists of over 50 missions.
  • New renditions of familiar Wing Commander ships in stunning detail.
  • A completely standalone installation featuring an exclusive version of the FreeSpace Open engine.

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